Bioinformatics and Structural Biology group

Department of Biokinetics

Belozersky Research Institute of PhysicoChemical Biology
Lomonosov Moscow State University

The Bioinformatics & Structural Biology group at the Department of Biokinetics brings together specialists with expertise in bioinformatics, computational biology and chemistry to explore molecular basis of enzymatic transformations, structure-function relationship in protein superfamilies and promiscuous properties of natural biocatalysts. The group is interested in developing new algorithms and computational strategies in the field of bioinformatics and molecular modeling to study the mechanisms of protein function, design novel enzymes with improved properties and modulators of activity of the wild-type proteins.

The Department of Biokinetics was established in 1965 by famous Russian scientist Ilya Berezin based on soviet school of enzyme kinetics founded by 1956 Nobel Laureate Nikolay Semenov. Department is engaged in the kinetic study of biological phenomena at the molecular level and exploration of enzymatic mechanisms defining the rate of biological processes. Department has 50 years of experience in biocatalysis and design of biocatalytic processes. Latest research topics include search for new applications of enzymes in organic synthesis, optimization of biocatalytic conversions, molecular modelling and rational design of enzymes using methods of theoretical chemistry, bioinformatics, steered and regular molecular dynamics as well as hybrid computational approaches. Laboratory is dealing with kinetics and thermodynamics of enzymatic hydrolysis and synthesis of lactam antibiotics, N-acylated amino acids and their analogues as well as with specificity and stereospecificity of different amidohydrolases. Read more.